2018 - ESPAGNE  

The firework

Our speciality and our hallmark is the duration of the effects and the intensity of the colours.
With the special selection of the songs, the show will be amazing this shots at different heights, differents rytthm, long duration of the kamuro…
For this show we will combinate the visión and the sound of the Fireworks wich dance in perfect syncorhronization of the select music.
The musical selection is designed to be the soul of the show, to create emotions with the colours and effects of the fire.
The show is for all type of public because of the songs are clasics and moderns.
The parts of the show will be differences with technicals songs and moderns songs but we will use effects and products like wheels and traditional effects for remember our first participation in this competition in 1964.
Everything to give a greater spectacularity to the public and jury.

Musical programming

"Can´t stop the feeling” Justin Timberlake.
“Wreaking Ball” Miley Cirus.
“The nights” Avicii.
“Future world music” Dream Chasers.
“Rada” Thomas Bergersen.
“Total eclipse of the heart” Bonie Tyler.
“Breathe” Migde Ure.

The fireworker