2018 - BULGARIE  

The firework

For the beginning of our pyromusical performance at the MONACO International Pyromelodic Fireworks Contest 2018 we are choosing a significant music artwork “Starvation” of Thomas Bergersen feat. The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices.
In this first part our show is designed in the colors of the Bulgarian national flag – white, green and red. During the intro, our spectators would see pyro-flares along the pier of the Quai Rainier III and single-shot compositions, synchronized with main drum-hits as accents in the air. For the strong moments a plenty of display shell salvos are prepared to fill the night sky with bright stars in the colors of our banner as a greeting from Bulgaria to all citizens and guests of Monte Carlo, Monaco.
Second part of our show is constructed on the one of the top dance-hits for the last months “Anywhere” of Rita Ora.
She is singing for love, vacation, escape… “fun, little less fun over me”… So, it’s time to show our space solutions with different chases, created by precise sequential launching of single mines and comets on the front of entire shooting area, supported with sparkling blasts in the air… color changing chrysanthemums to silver crackers, palm trees with color glittering tips, octagon flowers for completing of our motion picture at highest level.
Keeping the rhythm of the dance music we are overflowing to the third piece “Wolves” of Selena Gomez & Marshmello.
Starting with blue torches along the pier, followed by blue pearl roman candle barrage, when she is singing …”drunk on a feeling alone with the stars in the sky…”, we will suddenly change the picture with multishot candle-cakes with hot-colored stars, shaped as a giant fan when she change her frequency singing “…I’ve been running through the jungle…with the wolves…to get to you…” A large size figure display shells as “jelly fish”, “butterflies”, “heart” or “color-dark-color” effects will be performed in the sky during burden refrains.
Adhering to the “love-theme”, but getting a little bit harden, we decide to put as fourth piece “My kind of love” of Emely Sande.
That music allows us to interchange precise sequential ignition of mine chases or comet waves, when she sings “…But don’t ever question that my heart beats only for you…” with intensive shooting with multishot aerial cakes, powered by luscious multilevel salvos of display shells, when she sings “…That’s when you feel my kind of love”!
Approaching to the end of our performance we would like to suggest to our spectators to feel the contrast, touching their opposite senses with song “Fire and Ice” of “Within Temptation”.
Starting with cold blue or white flame-torches on the ground and blue falling leaves or white wind-bells above the pier, we’ll gonna change picture during refrains with massive blasts of white&blue twinkling one-rows and red&orange peonies high in the air, finishing the song with twinkling horse-tails and fan-shaped glittering comets.
The final part of our compilation is destined for the epic “Victory” of “Two steps from hell” as our extravagant invocation to the audience for their support in voting. This music allows us to show high intensive multilevel shooting with barrages of cakes, roman candles and display shells. For kind of surprise we will provide two grande-finales (silver and golden).

Musical programming

« Famine » de Thomas Bergersen
« Anywhere » de Rita Ora
« Loups » de Selena Gomez & Terry
« My kind of love » de Emely Sande
« Fire and Ice » de Within Temptation
« Victoire » de Two steps from hell.

The fireworker