Pirotecnia Valecea-Pir SL. since it began its journey in 1876 has pass on the family from generation to generation improving and achieving a significant role in the world of pyrotechnics.
Actually, the owners, Aitor y José Gerardo Valdecantos Mtz de Lecea, are the fifth generation of pyrotechnics in the business.
They are young and dynamic self-starters who are full implicated in quality, innovation and designing as well as in security. Company basics are quality and security.
At the present Valecea is one of the most qualified pyrotechnic managing new technologies achieving and impact and sensation in the audience never seen before.
Company covers all the processes of pyrotecnic show, from the assembling of al the products (shells, romans candles, singles shots..) to the final execution of the show on the ground thanks to the highly qualified employees and the most advanced techniques of manufacture.