The roots of steyrFire go back to 1994 when two young engineers, René Langer and Kurt Reichenpfader completed their training and certification as Pyrotechnicians in accordance with Austrian and European Pyrotechnic Laws and Regulations.

What began as a hobby in 1995 turned out to become a professional, successful business. In 2002 after reviewing legal and tax considerations, steyrFire became a fully owned subsidiary of AutCom G.m.b.H, a company, located in Steyr, Austria, which had been incorporated in 1992.

Since 1994 steyrFire has been concentrating on fireworks with music along with other fireworks performances on request (large scale fireworks, indoor, stage, SFX and other events).

Musical fireworks events are facilitated by the company’s extensive in-house inventory of equipment along with the

PyroDigit Firing System. Large scale performances are supported by our Showsim 3D software package to enhance the show simulation and special effects.

We import all of our non-domestic products directly from Germany, Spain, Italy, Slovakia and Turkey. Since 2009 we have been distancing ourselves from sub-standard-income countries such as China and India.

At steyrFire we concentrate on quality and safety. We pioneered and developed a quality assurance program in 2007 for large scale fireworks, which was certified by the Federal Institute for Material Research and Testing (German BAM), a first in Austria.

The company employs 5 pyrotechnicians (René Langer, Kurt Reichenpfader, Niki Langer, Lukas Langer, Hans Hiesmayr) and 32 part-time associates (freelancers).

All 37 are certified Pyrotechnicians in accordance with Austrian Pyrotechnic Laws and Regulations.

The company has gained extensive experience in planning, choreographing and orchestrating large scale fireworks. This expertise is of exceptional benefit to our clients.

Numerous victories and top places in international competitions (France, Malta, Germany, ...) testify to our capabilities.

We found international recognition at the "Rocket Symphony" during the opening of "Linz 09 – European Capital of Cultural".

In recent years, our musical fireworks have entertained many organizers and spectators. We perform for private, selective or
large scale events entertaining 150,000 spectators or more.