Sirotechnics was established in 2013 as a new company with innovative ideas to the creation of Pyromusical Firework Displays. In our first year of trading we won the British Musical Fireworks
Championships where previous companies who have won in Monaco, including Jubilee and Pyrotex introduced themselves to the world firework competition stage. From this point on we specialise
with Pyromusical displays working mainly with private and council clients and recently have earnt the highest possible commendation in the UK – Champion of Champions for British Musical Fireworks.
Some example shows are listed with video links below for you to enjoy our unique style and design:
British Musical Fireworks Champions of Champions -
A Large Private Wedding Fireworks Display -
Traditional Bonfire Fireworks Display -
British Musical Fireworks Championship 2013 -
One of my favourite Displays -
At Sirotechnics we feel that music is one of the most important parts of the show along with the quality of our fireworks and design. In more recent years we have teamed up with Serena Foyle (Foyle Fireworks) who specialises in arrangements of music for pyromusical. Serena works with me to create unique soundtracks that flow from start to finish to take you on a journey. We often decide to mix lesser known music with contemporary tracks to surprise people and show them that you can have a more emotive display when the music is composed in a distinct way.