Pyrotex FireworX

Welcome to the vibrant and exciting world of Pyrotex Fireworx!
Just like any good cocktail has the right mix of ingredients, Pyrotex Fireworx is a fine blend of over 35 years’ experience, dynamic creativity and explosive enthusiasm – all fused together to bring you the ultimate in displays.
Initially established by Mark Kelsall in 1999 Pyrotex Fireworx has grown to be a successful family run firework company. Our displays are full of colour, unique effects, precision timing, surprising and explosive thrills, and all delivered with a strong honest passion.

The Impossible Dream
Our dream as a small family business was to become renowned for creating wonderful pieces of dancing art in the night sky. Fueled with our passion for fireworks and our love for music, our dream became reality when we won the British Musical Firework Champions in 2010 and 2011
The wonderment and elation of being crowned the Monaco International Musical Firework Champions 2012 was out of this world, an experience that we and our crew will remember for a lifetime.
Along our journey we have met and made some wonderful friends, and we would like to invite the people of Monaco to join us in chasing our impossible dream at the Champion of Champions Monaco International Musical Firework Champions 2014.

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