We are a one-hundred-year long-standing company, leader in the field of fireworks.
The company, founded in 1921, has evolved thanks to the passion and the creativity of Ermes and Vincenzo, the
heirs of Giovanni Martarello, it has soon achieved a high level of professionalism by designing and developing unique
and distinguishable products renowned for its spectacular effects and colors.
Martarello Group has specialized in importing high quality consumer and display items , it deals in wholesale and retail sales and distribution and above all offers a service of design, planning and execution of outstanding events and firework displays , devoted to satisfy private as well as big public events.
Our multi-year experience in dealing with public bodies, cultural and sports associations, supporting organizations, local culture and tourism association, wedding planners, advertising agencies, companies and private bodies allow us to work on the show down to the smallest details.
Our staff plans each stage of the event with accuracy by relieving the customer from any legal fulfillment or any kind of paperwork.
Your only effort? Raise the eyes to the sky and enjoy the show!