MACEDO's Pirotecnia S is a name with 82 years of history in the Portuguese pyrotechnics. The pyrotechnic in the family began in 1934 by the hand of Joaquim da Silva Macedo, who subsequently gave all his knowledge, technical and methods to his children and grandchildren, it is the latter that have defined the current structure of the company, adapted to the times moment and the current conditions of the domestic market
and internationalnal of pyrotechnics.
The group "Macedo's Pirotecnia" is the resultat of the business strategy of the Macedo family as a response to the evolution of the market of the pyrotechnics national and international, betting in the specialization of its activity and, for that, to the separation of activitees in two distinct areas:
-Research, development and Production of pyrotechnic products and,
-Design, marketing and production of shows with pyrotechnics.
Research, development and Production of products pyrotechnic
has been allocated to the Group factory, located in the North of the
country and the Design, marketing and Production of shows with
Pyrotechnie were attributed to specific companies and specializing
in event production.
The guarantor of the success of the brand "Macedo's Pirotecnia" is
all the expertise gained during decades in the realises events
worldwide and demonstrated by the wide range of by which
national and international, where we had the pride for our brand.
To certify our competence and the quality of our services the
countless awards, awards, mentions special obtained throughout
several decades of Europe to Africa and America to Asia.
Proud of our past, confident of our future, thecompany Macedos Pirotecnia, Lda. Reached, in 2002, an important level towards to the total quality, shape by obtaining the CERTIFICATION of the quality of its Fireworks, according to the standard NP ISO 9001.
We define long as goal for our companies to go beyond the tents at our customers and the public in general guaranteeing the quality of the service provided and the safety of our shows.
The recognition obtained by our employees and the best guarantee for our clients.