HERMANOS Fireworks S.L. is a new generation company, dynamic and innovative but, at the same time, well informed of the market and above all values such as tradition, quality and direct processing.
HERMANOS Fireworks S.L. with its position on the market, is able to perform all kinds of fireworks (mascletas, bombs, castles, pyromusicals, aquatic, special effects, etc...) Since the creation of its activity, it is primarily specialized in performing performances.
New facilities located in the locality of Almenara (Castellón) have been designed to optimise effective communication on Spanish territory (A-7, N-340, Puerto de Sagunto,...). This firm has not spared the means to achieve adequate dimensions and infrastructures for the development of singular products on the market. In addition, one of the fundamental aspects of this activity has been taken into account: "safety", both in terms of handling and in the storage of products. They find an installation that brings together the most advanced systems to develop the various fields covered by pyrotechnics: research, technological development, production, design and marketing. All this so coordinated by the experience of Jose Horseman, master in the great world of fireworks.
HERMANOS Fireworks S.L. comes from the history of pyrotechnics begun in 1 880, since then, this family has developed new concepts in the field of pyrotechnics from a great experience, synonymous with quality and guarantee, to achieve a global recognition.
List of prices (non exhaustive)
- August 2018 : 1st place at the international competition of San Sebastian
- May 2018 : Celebration of the closing of the Champions League of the Real Madrid from the roof of the stadium Santiago Bernabeu
- September 2017 : Fireworks for the inauguration of the events Wanda Metropolitan Stadium Atlético de Madrid
- August 2016 : 1st prize International Fireworks Festival Scheveningen, the Netherlands
- July 2015 : 1st prize XXV international competition "Ciutat de Tarragona"
- July 2013 : 3rd International pyrotechnics Prize contest "San Fermín 2013"
- August 2009 : 1st prize of the public and the silver conc in the "46 ° international competition of San Sebastian Fireworks 2009"
The firing system to be used will be the "Pyro-digital", considered today as the most advanced and safe of the pyrotechnic sector.