Before 25 years we was embraced by the magic of fireworks, so in 1993 we established “ENIGMA” to share this glamour with more people.
Beginning humbly with our first shop and first import, we carried  the Bulgarian way for fireworks from the East, but didn’t stop…
. Large distribution network wascreated
. our brand  was approved in all main chain stores in Bulgaria
. A plenty of own shops was opened.
. Own manufacturing of fireworks was started in China.
. Gradually we expand our business away national borders, exporting our goods and services in Romania, FYRMacedonia, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Albania, Kosovo, Georgia, Slovenia, Belgium, Netherlands…
. A team of pyrotechnicians and show-designers was built up.
Nowadays “ENIGMA” is a brand, which guarantees professionalism and quality. We are the branch leader at Balkan Peninsula.