Tanyec ognya ukrainia Ltd  is a company that has its registered trade mark “Dance of Fire” for all its pyrotechnic products.
The enigmatic world called FIREWORK always captures and fascinates. Nowadays the fireworks became the traditional decoration of any celebration.
The company “Dance of Fire” – is one of the leading companies in Ukraine,
“Dance of Fire” – is a company that is certified according to the international standards of quality and has a certificate ISO 9001-2000.
Nowadays the company “Dance of Fire” puts into practice:
- Whole and retail sales of firework products;
- Carrying out firework shows including panoramic and music synchronized performances;
- Carrying out pyrotechnic stage shows including indoors.
Events per year-about 250.
Member of the Ukrainian pyrotechnic Association.
Our Palmares:
Germany, August, 2018
 Stuttgart International Firework Festival “Flammende Sterne
Canada, August 2018
Trico Homes International Fireworks Festival, Calgary
France, March 2018
Courchevel International  Festival of Pyrotechnic Art
Canada, June, 2017
TimminsInternational Firework Competition
Germany, August 2016
 International Firework Competition in Royal Gardens of Hannover-Herrenhausen
Portugal, May, 2016
International fireworks Festival “do Atlantico”, Madeira
Malta, April ,2016 
 International Fireworks Festival
Croatia,  October, 2015
International Firework Festival“Samoborski dani valrometa”
Ukraine, September, 2012
Kiev  International Firework Festival on “Pevchee Pole”
Portugal, May, 2011
International fireworks Festival “do Atlantico”, Madeira
Ukraine, June, 2011
 Kiev  International Firework Festival
Monaco, July, 2010
International fireworks festival – 4d place
Italy, August, 2009
International Firework Festival "Capult Lucis"
 Germany, September, 2008
 International  Firework Festival "Pyronale "
Ukraine, June, 2008
Kiev  International Firework Festival
Ukraine, Dniepr, 2006
International Firework Festival