Arthur Rozzi Pyrotechnics is the product of a United States fireworks history, rich in the traditions of the Italian immigrants who first crossed the Atlantic and set up their factories in the Americas. Those families brought their expertise and European craftsmanship to a young country and built the legacy that has become a unique addition to the pyrotechnic landscape. Arthur Rozzi and the Rozzi name are synonymous with fireworks and continue to bring their moving designs to audiences everywhere.

Hello Monaco
As this is our first time making a display in Monaco, we are very happy to present to you our vision of the beautiful art of fire. Our approach to fireworks choreography is to respect the music and always understand that what we enjoy most about the pyromusical can only be comprehended with the heart. Whether the music is solemn and gentle or joyful and stirring, the fireworks will always carry the emotion to its fullest.

2ème Prix au Festival International de Feu d’Artifice à Montréal en 2005- Canada
Festival “The Benson & Hedges Symphony of Fire” à Vancouver - Canada
Festival International de Feu d’Artifice à Fortei dei Marmi - Italie